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It’s time to transform our food system

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Intensive farming systems are the single biggest cause of animal suffering on the planet and are fast becoming one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

The world’s current consumption of meat and dairy products is a major driver of climate change, with greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector accounting for 14.5% of the global total caused by humans. That’s more than the direct emissions from transport.

Despite the current climate emergency, livestock and diets have been climate change’s forgotten sector. This means that governments have committed to little action to reduce meat and dairy consumption and move towards sustainable, higher welfare, healthy food systems.

We’re calling on the governments of the countries which consume the most meat per capita to take urgent action to tackle the climate crisis by reducing meat and dairy consumption.

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The top meat and poultry consuming countries in descending order

World map showing top meat consuming countries in 2021

These are 12 of the countries and regions with the highest meat consumption per capita.

We need urgent action from these countries to cut their meat and dairy consumption and help end the intensive farming practices that do so much harm to animals, people, and the planet.

These countries must act now to secure a better future by supporting a move toward sustainable, healthy food systems which:

  • Farm fewer animals.
  • Rear animals in higher welfare and nature-friendly farms such as organic, pasture-fed, or mixed crop and livestock systems.

We plan to include the names of all our petition signatories on a map of the world which will be sent, with the petition message, to the leaders of these countries and regions. Have your say – add your name today!


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Today, you have the opportunity to help transform our food system, for the sake of animals, people and the planet.

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Please sign this petition and call on the countries that consume most meat per capita to transform the food system.

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