Dead salmon fish in water

Stop Salmon Suffering

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Deformed. Diseased. Eaten alive by parasites. Our shocking new investigation reveals countless salmon on Scottish farms are suffering such torments every year.

What’s more, the industry is set for massive expansion by 2030. It’s crucial we act now to end this endemic cruelty to these sensitive, intelligent animals.

Please, sign our open letter today. Urge the Scottish Government to halt the expansion of this industry.

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Widespread suffering

The biggest ever exposé into the Scottish salmon industry reveals suffering on an industry-wide scale, with parasite infestations and shocking mortality rates.

Scotland is the third largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon worldwide. Every year, tens of millions of fish are farmed, shipping to over 50 countries across the globe. But while the industry expands, animals pay the price. Our new footage exposes awful conditions at five of Scotland’s largest salmon producers, who account for over 96% of the industry.

Millions of salmon are confined in underwater cages

What investigators found

  • Salmon with parasites eating away at their skin
  • Seaweed growing from open wounds, and chunks of flesh missing
  • Fish swimming in dirty, deoxygenated water
  • Dead fish dumped in open pits, creating a potential biosecurity risk
  • Dead fish floating in overcrowded, barren cages.
montage of salmon disease found dead in the ocean

Some of these horrifying conditions breach animal welfare law, but much of what we found is simply standard practice. The conditions on one farm we visited were so poor that we reported them to the authorities.

Despite all this, the Scottish Government is backing the irresponsible expansion of these underwater factory farms. Millions more fish are set to suffer, and precious wild habitats could be damaged.

Please, sign our open letter to the Scottish Government now. Demand a moratorium to stop the runaway growth of Scottish salmon farming.

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The true cost for animals

In the wild, Atlantic salmon will travel for thousands of miles. But, confined in barren, overcrowded cages on Scottish farms, they can do nothing more than swim in circles for up to two years.

salmon fish farm pens

Diseases and parasitic sea lice thrive in these intensive conditions. Not only do these lice inflict painful wounds and eat salmon alive; the treatments to remove them, such as chemical baths and hot water exposure, cause the salmon additional pain and stress. Many of the salmon we found were carrying countless sea lice.

Salmon fish infested with sea lice

The mortality rates for fish on Scottish farms are shocking. These unacceptable deaths can be caused by disease, parasites, injuries, and negative reactions to handling. In our investigation, we found dead fish floating in the pens.

Dead floating fish

Also confined in the cages are ‘cleaner fish’, which farmers use in an attempt to remove sea lice from salmon. These intelligent creatures suffer from many welfare issues. Their use can be ineffective, their precious lives wasted; all are discarded without prior stunning once the salmon have been reared.

Cleaner fish in salmon fish pen

Dead salmon are sometimes dumped in landfill sites, exposed to wildlife – which can present a biosecurity risk.

Meanwhile, the water pollution caused by fish waste and chemicals from Scottish salmon farms can cause harmful algal blooms, from which farmed fish cannot escape. In addition, many of the chemicals released into the environment from these farms are known to be toxic to fish, birds and mammals.

Fish landfill pits

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Please, act now to stop millions more salmon from suffering.

Sign our open letter


Please sign our open letter to the Scottish Government.

Demand a moratorium to stop the reckless expansion of Scottish salmon farming.

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