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Help ban British live exports


It is urgent that British politicians unite, now, across borders and parties, to deliver a robust, comprehensive ban on live exports. Please call on them to act. Together. 

Thanks to campaigners across the country and beyond, the UK Government has published a Bill which aims to ban the export of farm animals for slaughter and fattening, from or through England, Wales and Scotland.

Meanwhile, following 28,000 emails from Compassion supporters, the SNP also recently committed to banning live exports.

This is huge progress. But we can’t claim victory yet.

Farmers are free to move animals between England, Scotland and Wales. So, if a ban is not comprehensive, or is not introduced across all three nations quickly and in a coordinated manner, no British animal may be any safer from the threat of live export.

The governments in Westminster and Holyrood must not only follow-through on the steps they have taken towards ending live exports. They must work as one to prevent loopholes and protect vulnerable animals.

Please ask Defra and the Scottish Government to unite and deliver a Great British live exports ban, without further delay.

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A 4-step battle plan

Live exports by road and sea can cause exhaustion, stress, hunger, thirst, injury and even death. Then, for many animals, the final destination is brutal, inhumane slaughter.

By taking action today, you’ll be part of our 4-step battle plan to end this appalling trade across the UK, Europe and beyond.

It’s vital that the UK Government honours its Brexit promise to ban live animal exports.

Compassion supporters helped persuade Ministers to consult on ending this trade. And, following this consultation, the Government announced they intended to ban exports for slaughter and fattening.

Then, in June 2021, the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill was published. This proposes a ban on live exports for slaughter or fattening, and goes further than previous announcements by covering Scotland as well as England and Wales.

This is remarkable progress. Now we must ensure the proposed ban really does become a robust law against live exports – without further delay.

To close loopholes and protect British animals, Scotland must stop live exports at the same time as England and Wales.

In the past, the Scottish Government has defended this trade, and it took legal action by Compassion before they halted the export of young calves via Ramsgate, Kent.

But, earlier this year, following pressure from Compassion supporters, the SNP’s election manifesto committed to banning live exports. And Scotland’s recent inclusion in the ban proposed by the UK Government indicates they expect the Scottish Government to deliver on this pledge.

However, the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill would give the three British nations considerable control over how and when they implement any live exports ban. So, we must ensure that Scotland delivers an effective ban, simultaneously with the rest of Great Britain.

Ending live exports from the European Union could stop the suffering of millions of animals a year – including animals from Northern Ireland, which remains governed by EU trading rules for ‘goods’.

Right now, the European Commission is reviewing the law that allows this appalling trade. We will rally citizens across Europe to demand a ban on live exports from the EU and long journeys between Member States.

We will not rest whilst any animal is at risk of suffering during live export for slaughter or fattening.

In a huge victory for local and global campaigners, New Zealand recently announced it would ban all live exports by sea. We’ll build on this momentum, and the progress we’re striving for in Europe, to encourage countries around the world to end this cruel trade.

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Would your friends and family also like to see an end to live exports? Please ask them to join you and take action today.

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Please call on the UK and Scottish Governments to unite against live exports

The governments at Westminster and Holyrood have both committed to end the cruel export of animals for fattening and slaughter. Now, they must work together to turn the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill into a robust live exports ban across the whole of Great Britain. Email the agriculture ministers today.

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