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Every year, billions of fish are kept and killed in barbaric conditions.

Hidden from public view, the level of suffering endured by fish confined on factory farms, and caught in the wild, is shocking.

Compassion in World Farming is calling on the world’s five major fish certification labelling schemes to do more to protect fish welfare.

Please, email the CEOs now and urge them to join the call to end this cruelty.

Fish certification scheme logos

Take action

Please email the CEOs of the five largest fish certification schemes and urge them to introduce, or strengthen, their welfare standards. You can read the messages before sending.


When seeking higher welfare fish products, many shoppers look to the five largest certification labelling schemes, shown above, for guidance.

However, Compassion has investigated the welfare standards of these schemes and found that fish they certify can lead miserable lives in overcrowded tanks and cages or endure prolonged and painful deaths.

The cruel practices allowed by some of these schemes include:

  • Starving fish for up to 14 days
  • Overcrowding fish into small tanks or sea cages
  • Inflicting a slow, painful death without adequate stunning
  • Shooting wild seals and possibly harming dolphins with underwater noise

We must end this cruelty.

Like other animals, fish are emotional, complex beings. They can suffer and feel pain. Yet they suffer in silence – by the billions.

Please, will you speak up for these innocent animals without a voice of their own?

The certification bodies listed tend to focus on the sustainability of fish stocks and the environment – which is, of course, extremely important work.

But fish welfare is equally important. Currently, some schemes have no welfare protections in place at all. You can help show them that this must change – that, just as we will not stand for practices that threaten fish stocks and harm our environment, we also will not stand for animal cruelty.

Please write to the CEOs of these schemes to encourage them to introduce, or strengthen, the welfare standards for billions of farmed and wild caught fish.

Please write to the CEOs of these schemes to encourage them to introduce, or strengthen, the welfare standards for billions of farmed and wild caught fish.

We have analysed and compared the different schemes’ welfare standards against eight key criteria – such as starving the fish, killing wildlife and allowing fish to suffer slow, painful deaths – and determined where improvements are desperately needed.

Find out more about the schemes and the welfare criteria.

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