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UPDATE: Parliament has now risen for its Easter ‘recess’ – one of several scheduled breaks during the year. However, your message can still reach your MP and help secure their support for a fair deal for animals when the Agriculture Bill reaches its final stages in Parliament.

This spring, UK MPs are expected to debate the final stages of the Agriculture Bill. This could be the first step towards protecting farm animals in new trade deals. Please will you email your MP today?


We are lobbying MPs to put forward amendments to the Agriculture Bill on a range of important animal welfare issues. And the good news is two amendments have now been tabled that could help protect animals during the UK’s free trade negotiations.

One of these amendments is a direct result of evidence Compassion gave in a Parliamentary Committee, and both reflect our key concern that trade deals must not compromise animal welfare.

Please email your MP and ask them to back these changes to the Agriculture Bill.

Take action

If you live in the UK, please complete the form below to ask your MP to back amendments NC1 and NC2 to the Agriculture Bill. You will be able to review and edit your email before sending. If your MP tabled one of the amendments, or is a Defra Minister, you will see a tailored message. If you live outside the UK, please click here for other actions you can take for farm animals.


It is vital that, as we leave the EU, the government does not allow the import of meat, milk or dairy products that fail to meet UK animal welfare standards.

Otherwise, shoppers may unwittingly be supporting abysmal factory farming around the world. Plus, UK farms using higher welfare systems could be undercut. Farmers may find themselves under pressure to lower standards and, ultimately, this could lead to the weakening of the country’s hard-won animal welfare laws.

The two changes that have been proposed to the Agriculture Bill would mean:

  • Free trade agreements could only allow imports of agricultural goods that meet UK animal welfare, environmental and food safety standards;
  • The government would have to specify, in Parliament, how they will ensure the standard of imports will be guaranteed.

For the sake of farm animals in the UK and around the world, please ask your MP to back these amendments and protect farm animals.

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