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Election Pig

For the sake of farm animals across the UK, this is a moment to seize.

As I’m sure you know, on Thursday 12 December, the UK will hold a general election. Right now, we need your help to push as many of the candidates standing in this election as possible to champion farm animal welfare.

If you are a UK resident, please, call on your parliamentary candidates to back a better future for Britain’s farm animals.

Together, we will urge prospective Members of Parliament to support our calls to:

  • Ban UK live exports for fattening AND slaughter
  • Ban the use of cages for all UK farm animals
  • Protect British farming against low-welfare imports, such as beef from hormone-fed cows and chlorine-washed chicken
  • Reform subsidy systems to support higher welfare farmers
  • Ban the routine preventative use of antibiotics that props up cruel factory farming
  • Introduce mandatory method of production labelling for all meat and dairy products
  • Introduce a UK law that recognises that animals can suffer and feel pain

You can have a HUGE influence on the candidates standing to be your next MP – your vote could put them in Parliament, allowing them to be a voice for farm animals.

Whatever the outcome of the election this December, we must do all we can right now to put farm animal welfare on the agenda of as many future MPs as possible.

Please, grasp this opportunity to call on the decision makers of tomorrow to commit to supporting farm animals. If you are a UK resident, contact your parliamentary candidates now.

Contact Your Parliamentary Candidates Now

If you live in the UK, complete the form below to ask your parliamentary candidates to be a strong voice for farm animals. You will be able to choose which candidates to email then review and edit your email before sending. If you live outside the UK, please click here for other actions for farm animals.

Thank you!


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