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Demand a ban on live exports for slaughter and fattening


Theresa Villiers, Defra’s new Secretary of State, has long advocated a ban on UK live animal exports. Now it’s time to turn her words into actions.

The prorogation of Parliament means the Government must prepare a Queen’s Speech, setting out the laws they want to introduce in the next parliamentary session.

Now, we must urge Theresa Villiers to make sure the upcoming Queen’s Speech includes a Bill that will ban live exports for slaughter and fattening, once and for all.

The live export trade causes immense suffering for animals and must be stopped. During journeys of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles, animals frequently experience exhaustion, overcrowding, stress, pain, hunger and thirst – in many cases, simply to be slaughtered on reaching their destination.

Worse still, once these sheep and young calves are exported, we have no control over the conditions in which they are kept and then killed – conditions that would often fail to meet UK standards.

Live exports are not only cruel, but unnecessary. The vast majority of British farmers find UK markets for their products, or export meat instead of live animals. There is simply no excuse for this trade.

Theresa Villiers has consistently supported the campaign against long-distance live transport, most recently by joining our 2019 Stop Live Transport event in London. The new Secretary of State has also worked to raise the profile of animal welfare in Parliament: in 2017, she tabled a Bill calling for a ban on live animal exports for slaughter and fattening after the UK leaves the EU.

Now, Theresa Villiers is in the perfect position to deliver on that demand by making sure that the Queen’s Speech includes a Bill that will end the suffering of thousands of British animals each year.

Compassion supporters have always been on the frontlines in the fight to end live exports. With such vocal support for our cause from the new Secretary of State, this could be a landmark moment for our farm animals. But it’s crucial that we act now to demand an end to the export of live farm animals for fattening and slaughter.

Now is the time for change. Please, call on Theresa Villiers today to ban live exports.

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Take action

If you live in the UK please complete the form below to ask Defra Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers MP, to stop live exports. You will be able to review and edit your email before sending. If you live outside the UK, please click here for other actions you can take for farm animals.