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Many compassionate people have already made their voices heard against long distance live transport, by contacting Theresa Villiers, UK Secretary of State for the Environment, or signing our petition to the European Commission. Now, in the fight against UK live exports, it’s time to direct your efforts to your local MP.

Our latest investigation into this cruel trade trailed one of the many exhausting journeys that unweaned calves have recently made from Scotland to the Continent.

Filmed over three days, this investigation revealed the cramped and gruelling conditions animals are forced to endure during UK live exports. Hearing the calves cry out, and watching them try to suckle and bite the bars of their truck, is heartbreaking.

Sadly, this is just one terrible example of the cruelty inflicted on animals by long distance live transport. That is why it is crucial we keep up the momentum to end this trade.

Call on your MP to support a live export ban! They can press for the introduction of legislation banning the export of live animals from the UK for slaughter and fattening as a matter of urgency.

Your voice can have a huge impact – please speak out for the animals and help end live exports!

Prefer paper?

Posting a letter to your MP can really grab their attention too. Click here to download a template letter to ask your MP to support a ban on live exports. Alternatively, feel free to adapt the letter with your own message!

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Take action

If you live in the UK, please complete the form below to ask your MP to help ban live exports. You will be able to review and edit your email before sending. If you live outside the UK, please click here for other actions you can take for farm animals.