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Dear Humans: Celebs Unite To End The Cage Age

If the 16 million UK farm animals kept in cages could speak, what might they say?

Warning: prepare to have your heart melted by some seriously cute farm animals in this video…and broken by the shameful reality that British pigs and hens are still suffering in cramped, inhumane cages.

That includes more than 250,000 mother pigs – over 50% of all UK sows – who are forced to give birth in farrowing crates, where they can't even turn around and have to suckle their piglets through bars.

Dear Humans brings together a whole host of familiar faces, speaking up for the millions of UK farm animals suffering in cages.

Think all British eggs come from free range hens? Wrong: around 16 million – more than one third of all hens nationwide – are still locked up in cages. Overcrowding and restricted height leave each animal with space equivalent to not much more than an A4 sheet of paper.

Cages are cruel, outdated, and just plain wrong. Please – add your signature now to call for a debate in Parliament and a ban on cage cruelty.

A huge thank you to all our End the Cage Age heroes: Joanna Lumley, Deborah Meaden, Peter Egan, Kate Ford, Evanna Lynch and Mike Beckingham for making ‘Dear Humans’, and to everyone who has signed the petition and spread the word for farm animals.

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