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M6NTHS is a short documentary by director Eline Helena Schellekens showing the life of a piglet growing up in a factory farm. The film has won a Panda Award, also known as the 'Green Oscar' – the most prestigious award for wildlife films. During two weeks, from 5 to 18 February, the film will be streamed online here.

Every year hundreds of millions of farm animals – including pigs, hens, ducks, rabbits and quail – are imprisoned in cages on EU farms. M6NTHS supports the European Citizen’s Initiative 'End the Cage Age' that aims to ban the use of cages in farming. A European Citizen’s Initiative is a direct-democracy tool that enables citizens to request new legislation and it needs 1 million verified signatures to be successful. You can sign the Intiative here.

Do you also think that farm animals deserve a better life?

Take action and sign the European Citizen’s Initiative against caged farming.


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