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End the Cage Age for all the UK’s farm animals

boy in chicken factory farm

If you asked a child to draw a picture of a farm animal, what would you see? Pigs outdoors wallowing in mud? Hens running free? Lots of green fields and bright sunshine?

Sadly, life for millions of farm animals in the UK is far from this idyllic vision. For many it is quite simply a nightmare, in which they are confined to cages for part, or even all, of their lives.

Will you take the next big leap to End the Cage Age for ALL British farm animals?

We should be able to be proud of all farming in our green and pleasant land. Every farm animal should have the chance to feel the sun on their back and the earth under their feet. And, now, you can help the UK take a bold new step to End the Cage Age.

Thanks to Compassion supporters, species-by-species, cage cruelty has been exposed; companies and politicians have been forced to take notice. Now, we are calling on the government to introduce new laws that would ban cages for ALL farm animals in the UK. Will you sign the petition today?

Caging animals causes immense suffering. Cages confine and restrict, they thwart many of an animal’s natural instincts, and they are a desolate reflection on our society. Despite the obvious failings of this outdated technology, around 16 million farm animals are trapped in cages every year in the UK.

Please urge your animal welfare minister to bring about an end to the cage age and to usher in a new era in farming of which Britain can be truly proud.

Take action

Sign this petition today to call for an end to the cage age in all UK farms.

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