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Please support a comprehensive ban on live exports

Discussions are underway in governments across the UK about the possibility of a ban on live exports. But the positive impact of any ban will be compromised if it only prevents exports for slaughter, and not for ‘production’ (fattening).

Will you take a moment to email your elected representative(s), and call on them to ensure a comprehensive ban on the export of live animals for both slaughter and fattening?

It is essential that any ban should cover slaughter AND fattening.

A partial ban is not enough

A ban only on exports for slaughter will mean:

  • the export of young, unweaned calves for fattening as beef or veal in Spain and Italy will continue
  • the possible onward exports of animals to countries outside the EU once they’ve been ‘fattened’ – countries where slaughter conditions are often utterly inhumane
  • the ban will not stop the export of sheep that are being sent for fattening.

In 2017 alone, over 25,000 unweaned calves were exported from Northern Ireland and Scotland. Many travelled as far as Spain. Please take action today to help ban this cruelty.

Comprehensive and enforceable

A ban on exports for slaughter and fattening should not apply to exports from Britain to Ireland where Ireland is the final destination, genuine cross border trade within the island of Ireland, transportation of livestock from Scottish islands (or other island communities of the UK) to the mainland, or breeding exports. Instead, it would simply end the needless suffering of tens of thousands of animals every year.

Please act today to end the unacceptable exports of live animals for fattening or slaughter from the UK.

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Take action

If you live in the UK, please use this form to send an email to your political representative(s). You will be able to review and edit your email on the next page before sending. If you live outside the UK, please click here to take action to end live exports.