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Take Action: wipe factory farming off the UK map

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Mapping factory farming in the UK paints a grim picture for British agriculture: intensive farming has taken over food production. No longer do images of foraging chickens and pigs represent today’s British animal farming; more than 70% of farm animals in the UK are kept in factory farms.

This needs to change.

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Tell your MP to support a new vision for farming and wipe factory farming off the map. When you click 'next', you will be able to review and edit your email before sending.

Please note: this county list was determined by the data collection method used whilst creating the factory farm map. If the county you consider yourself to live in is not listed, please accept our apologies and select the nearest county to your own.

The spread of factory farming to satisfy our appetite for cheap meat, dairy and eggs comes at a great cost: animals are suffering, farmers are struggling and our health and the environment are under threat.

We need to stop the spread of factory farming.

MPs have the chance to deliver a better future for food and farming. There are 5 things they could do to start to wipe factory farming off the map:

  1. Ban Live exports – Introduce and/or support a Bill in Parliament to ban the live export of farm animals for fattening and slaughter from the day the UK exits the EU
  2. End the Cage Age – End the use of cage systems for all farm animals
  3. Labelling Matters – Mandatory labelling by means of production for meat and dairy products
  4. Good Food Act – Support the enactment of a Good Food Act designed to achieve high environmental, nutritional and animal welfare standards
  5. Antibiotics – Phase out the routine ‘preventative’ use of antibiotics that is propping-up unhealthy factory farm systems

If you live in the UK, please ask your MP to commit to promoting these five issues, and begin to plot a better future for British farming.

It is time to wipe factory farming off the map.

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