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Parmesan is ignoring cows’ suffering

A recent Compassion in World Farming investigation into farms producing milk for Parmesan and Grana Padano revealed the horrible suffering of many Italian dairy cows. We visited a number of farms supplying milk for these cheeses, and found intensive, zero-grazing systems with cows permanently confined.

Both Parmesan and Grana Padano are produced in a specific area of Italy, by groups of producers and traders who work together and use the same standards. These cheeses are renowned for their quality. They are found in supermarkets all around the world and are a main ingredient of Italian pasta and risotto dishes.

Following the launch of our investigation nearly 100,000 Compassion supporters from all over the world contacted the representatives of the two cheeses. As a result, representatives of Grana Padano have now entered into discussions with Compassion on ways they can improve the welfare of their dairy cows.

However, the representatives of Parmesan, the more prestigious of the two cheeses, refuse to listen. Compassion supporters who asked them to put cows back on grass, where they belong, have been ignored. The silence means cows will continue to languish in poorly designed sheds, emaciated and overworked. Please don’t stand for this – take action today.

Take action

Please use the form below to send this email from you to the representatives of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Zero grazing limits the ability of cows to behave naturally. As a result, put simply, they suffer. Our investigators also found cows with leg injuries and severe lameness. Some animals even appeared emaciated. The sheds we visited were often poorly designed, with cubicles that were too small. Slippery alleys covered in water, faeces and urine meant that cows could struggle to reach feeding and resting places.

It is not acceptable that the representatives of Parmesan cheese can ignore the suffering of their dairy cows.

You can help hundreds of thousands of animals by contacting the representatives of Parmigiano Reggiano today. Please ask them to allow their cows access to pasture and improve their welfare.

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Then please join our social media storm on 16th March by clicking here. Alongside your emails, these posts, and Tweets directly to Parmesan, will make the message impossible to ignore: ‘Quality’ needs Compassion.

Together, we can put cows back on grass.

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