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Call on the Scottish Government to Ban Live Exports

Earlier this year, it was reported that the British government is “looking very seriously at a ban” on live exports for slaughter, and will be launching a consultation on this issue. A potential victory for everyone who has opposed this cruel trade.

Yet in response, Fergus Ewing MSP, a Scottish Government Minister responsible for these issues, said that Scotland would "not be participating" in any such ban as it would cause “substantial harm” to the livestock industry!

Will you take a moment to contact your MSPs today? Ask them to take a stand against live exports, and to urge the Scottish Government to rethink their position.

Live exports for slaughter or fattening are cruel and unnecessary​

When animals leave the UK, we lose the ability to care for their welfare. The trade in live animals should be replaced with one in meat products.

A ban on live animal exports from the UK would not prohibit any transport from the Scottish Islands to the mainland, or to Northern Ireland, which makes up the bulk of the trade in Scotland. A live exports ban would therefore not cause “substantial harm” to the Scottish farming industry, as Fergus Ewing has claimed.

Christine Grahame MSP (SNP) has tabled a Motion for Debate in the Scottish Parliament. This calls for the Scottish Government to consult on a live export ban. If enough MSPs sign the motion, it will be debated and Fergus Ewing can be challenged on his position by your elected representatives.

Will you ask your MSPs to sign this motion so it is debated in Parliament?

The day when we see an end to the live export of farm animals for slaughter may be drawing nearer. We must ensure that Scotland is not left behind when this monumental day comes.

Please take action today.

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Take action

Please take a moment to email your MSPs to ask them to take action against live exports. When you click 'next', you will be able to review and edit your email before sending. If your constituency MSP is Fergus Ewing, your email will only be sent to your regional MSPs.

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