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Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

Political changes are underway that could lead to a seismic shift in the outlook for farm animals in the UK.

On February 14th, the Labour Party set out plans that would transform how animals are treated. If implemented, these proposals would signal the end to a host of factory farming practices. And this is thanks, in no small part, to Compassion supporters.

Take action

If you live in the UK, please sign this letter to the Labour Party to show support for higher welfare farming. We will deliver the letter and signatures directly to the Labour Party in the coming weeks.

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The proposal

Labour’s draft Animal Welfare Plan contains ground-breaking positions that reflect many of Compassion’s campaigns.

The party is proposing:

  1. Ending the use of cages on British farms
  2. Banning live exports for slaughter or fattening
  3. Mandatory labelling of meat, including country of origin, method of production and method of slaughter (stun or non-stun)
  4. Ending the routine preventative use of antibiotics on farms
  5. Banning imports of foie gras
  6. Phasing out farrowing crates for sows
  7. Subsidising farmers to move away from factory farming post-Brexit

This announcement follows immense pressure from Compassion in World Farming supporters, our lobbying team, and other campaigners. We called for a step-change in the future of our food system. And now one of Britain’s two biggest political parties has listened.

Have your say

If you live in the UK, please take a moment today to show your support for higher welfare farming and ensure these commitments last by signing a letter to Labour. We’ll deliver all of your letters directly to the Labour Party in the weeks ahead.

When compassionate people stand together to fight factory farming… when we are relentless in challenging those in power to do the right thing… change is possible.

Please ensure these commitments last by signing the letter to Labour using the form on the right of this page.

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