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Demand action on animal welfare

Email the Prime Minister today

Rishi Sunak has been selected as the UK's new Prime Minister, and it is crucial that he acts on animal welfare.

Please email the Prime Minister today and urge him to deliver on three key pledges for farmed animals.

Please call on the Prime Minister to:

  • Ban live exports for slaughter or fattening
  • Examine the use of farmed animal cages
  • Consult on animal welfare labelling of meat and dairy products

If Rishi Sunak can deliver on these key pledges from the Conservative Party’s Action Plan for Animal Welfare, it will help to give millions of farmed animals a life worth living.

Please take action now. Send a message to the Prime Minister and make sure animals are not forgotten.

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Tell everyone about it

Would your friends and family join you and demand action for farmed animals? Please ask them to stand with you today and email the Prime Minister. Share url ciwf.org.uk/RishiSunak or use the buttons:

Email Rishi Sunak today


The UK’s new Prime Minister must deliver key pledges from the Government’s Action Plan for Animal Welfare.

Please send a message to Rishi Sunak today.

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