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Hidden from sight, underwater factory farms are one of the biggest causes of suffering on the planet. Forcing billions of fish to spend their lives swimming in endless circles in cages before suffering inhumane and painful deaths.

That's why we need your help. Over the next few months, the EU Commission will be reconsidering farmed animal legislation. This is our chance to show EU leaders how much citizens care about the welfare of farmed fish.

Please add your name to Compassion’s petition today. We must urge the EU Commission to strengthen welfare legislation and protect the lives of around a billion farmed fish each year.

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Without drastic improvements to the legislation, farmed fish will continue to suffer.

Hidden underwater, we fear factory farmed fish are being left behind when it comes to making decisions about animal welfare. Their short lives are often filled with misery before being subjected to inhumane deaths.

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And despite the growing amount of evidence to highlight the suffering and injustice which occurs on these farms, few decision makers have taken steps to improve the welfare of farmed fish.

But this year, we have a chance to change things. Will you join us in asking DG SANTE, the Directorate within the EU Commission responsible for improving fish welfare, to take serious steps to improve the legislation of farmed fish across Europe?

The more of us who stand up for fish welfare, the harder we will be to ignore.

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Dear EU Commission officials,

As noted in our letter, we call on you to introduce detailed EU legislation covering all aspects of fish farming to ensure good fish welfare during rearing, transport and slaughter. Specifically:

  • Detailing general requirements on rearing and transport to cover all farmed fish including species-specific requirements
  • Ensuring that all farmed fish are killed using humane slaughter methods
  • Providing species-specific requirements on permitted methods of stunning and killing
  • Banning slaughter methods which are known to cause suffering for all species

High on all agendas, must be the discussion to end intensive underwater farming practices, encouraging aquaculture to move towards keeping species whose needs can be met in farming systems and work towards species specific legislation which ensures the protection and improved welfare of all farmed fish species.


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You can double your impact by asking your friends and family to sign this petition too. The more of us who stand up for farmed fish, the harder we are for the EU Commission to ignore.

Underwater factory farms are one of the biggest causes of animal suffering in the world.

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Today, you have the opportunity to help billions of fish across Europe.

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Help us reach 100,000 signatures. The more of us who stand up for farmed fish welfare, the harder we are to ignore.

Please sign this petition and call on the EU Commission to strengthen fish welfare legislation

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