Election 2017 – Stand up for Farm Animals!

It is essential that MPs in the next UK Parliament take a strong lead to ensure that animal welfare is a priority issue, and that the animal welfare protections offered by EU legislation are protected post-Brexit.

Will you take a moment to write to your local candidates and ensure they make higher welfare farming a priority? For the sake of our health, the planet and farm animals, a series of changes are needed to the way the world is fed.

Please now take two minutes to help convince each of the parliamentary candidates in your area that we need a new farming system.

Step 1: Your Details

Fill in your details on the form below. Your address will allow us to identify your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, and will authenticate your message.

Please note: This action is only available to UK residents. If you are not based in the UK please check out other actions you can take for farm animals here.

What's the party line?

Compassion has written to each of the main political parties across the UK to ask them for their positions on a number of issues related to food production. Click the logos below for an outline of their responses and policies in their manifestos.

Conservative Party logo Democratic Unionist Party logo Green Party logo Labour Party logo Liberal Democrats logo Plaid Cymru logo Social Democratic and Labour Party logo Sinn Féin logo Scottish National Party logo Ulster Unionist Party logo United Kingdom Independence Party logo

Tell your candidates what you are passionate about

Choose one option below and the relevant text will then be automatically added to the letter you send to your local parliamentary candidates.

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I want a farming system that delivers high standards of animal welfare, and if elected as my MP I want to see you work in the next Parliament to:* *