MEPs vote to End the Cage Age for Europe’s rabbits

On Tuesday 14th March 2017, Members of the European Parliament voted (410-205) to back a report that calls for the end of caged rabbit farming, and for the European Commission to introduce legislation that would guarantee minimum standards for Europe’s farmed rabbits.

Pulling out all the stops for farm rabbits

Following a successful vote in the European Parliament Agriculture Committee, and thanks to the generous donations of Compassion supporters, billboards were placed in strategic Brussels locations around the Parliament and the Commission to bring the upcoming critical vote to the attention of Europe’s decision makers.


Emails, drawings, tweets and a scientific report

Compassion and our supporters pulled out all the stops to ensure a successful result for Europe’s rabbits. Over 80,000 people sent emails to their elected officials, or called and tweeted them to End the Cage Age, in the weeks before the vote.

Europe’s children – from Dublin to Sarajevo – drew pictures showing how rabbits ought to live. Over a thousand fantastic drawings were delivered to all MEPs ahead of the vote. And these emotive images were backed up by hard science, thanks to a report commissioned by Compassion from researchers at the University of Bristol.

As a result of the Parliament’s vote, 320 million rabbits every year are a big hop, skip and jump closer to receiving the protection they so desperately need. As this campaign progresses, we’ll need your help to keep the pressure on Europe’s policy makers and ensure this issue stays on the agenda. To help fight factory farming and End the Cage Age, sign up for email updates today.

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Read on for other highlights in the fight to End the Cage Age for Europe’s rabbits


Compassion’s biggest ever online petition

On Tuesday 17th May 2016, representatives of Compassion in World Farming were joined by an army of cartoon rabbits to deliver Compassion’s biggest ever online petition to a meeting of Europe’s Agriculture Ministers in Brussels.

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Thank you so much to the 601,435 people who signed the petition calling on Europe’s politicians to End the Cage Age for farmed rabbits. We were overwhelmed by your support for this important issue.

And thanks also to the Albert Schweitzer Foundation (Germany), Society for Animal (Společnost pro zvířata, Czech Republic) and Animal Freedom (Sloboda zvierat, Slovakia) for their help in securing signatures.

Rabbits in our childhood stories may live idyllic lives, but the shocking truth is that every year in the EU an estimated 320 million rabbits are confined to tiny, barren cages. Unable to hop, skip or jump, to choose when to be alone or to seek companionship, or even to stretch. Cages are a true horror story of factory farming.

That is why we took over 40 cartoon rabbits to Brussels to deliver our giant petition, on your behalf, in the form of a comic book: to draw attention to the vast gap between fiction and reality.

Please, spread the word and make some noise for Europe’s quietest farm animal.

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The biggest secret of the Cage Age

In October 2014, Compassion released an investigation into the farming of rabbits for meat across the EU. Thanks to supporters, we were able to expose the terrible plight of an estimated 320 million rabbits who are permanently confined in tiny, barren cages every year.

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For weeks, the investigation made the news across Europe: From the Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Radio 4 in the UK, to La Repubblica in Italy and Le Monde in France. But we didn’t stop there…

Should be consigned to history

Cages have no place in 21st Century farming. So we delivered genuine rabbit cages to museums across the EU to call for an end to the Cage Age.

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Across Europe

Supporters in the Netherlands funded 100 giant posters to reach rail travellers across the country.

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In Poland, cartoon rabbits popped up across Warsaw and beyond, both behind bars and going free range. Their message was simple: sign the petition.

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People took action

So far, over 100,000 people across Europe have discovered who they really are when it comes to speaking out for farm animals. Take the test yourself below…

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Including some famous faces

And, last but not least, a host of celebrities have shown their support for Europe’s rabbits. From talented illustrator, Anita Jeram, to actors Peter Egan, Carley Stenson, and Ben Lamb, dancer Flavia Cacace-Mistry and national treasure Stephen Fry.

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