Introducing YOUR FARM. The new toy that shows what life is really like down on the farm!

It’s time to get your hands dirty! Scroll down to explore the farm.


Pack in more animals!

YOUR FARM’s special design lets you pack in more animals than ever before. Use the cages and pens to squeeze in as many as you can!

Pack 'em in!

Click on the animals to move them inside the shed.

Well played!

But your animals are crammed together. They’re stressed and sickness is spreading!

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Drug your animals up!

It doesn’t matter if your animals get stressed and sick in YOUR FARM. There’s no need to give them more space - just keep them topped up with antibiotics!

Drug 'em up!

Click on an animal when it lights up to give it a dose.



Nicely done!

But you’ve used a lot of drugs. The more antibiotics you use, the less effective they are - for animals and humans!

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Grow more feed!

You need to grow more feed for your animals to eat. Crushed soy beans are a popular choice, grown in countries like Brazil. Clear the land to plant your crops and watch ‘em grow!

Find feed!

Drag your mouse to clear the land and plant more feed.

Well done!

But the rainforest is being destroyed and animals are dying!

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0 hectares cleared

0 tonnes of soy produced

Turn your animals into food!

YOUR FARM’s handy food-processing machine lets you turn your animals into food. Get processing!

Make food!

Click the button to start the machine.


Choose your product

Choose a label

Don’t worry if the label is misleading! It’ll help you sell your product.

Eek! Caged hens may lay less nutritious eggs.

Eek! Intensively farmed pig meat is often less nutritious.

Eek! Milk from cows with no access to grass is often less nutritious.

Loving your label! But is it telling the truth about your product? Many labels don’t!

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Take your food to market!

YOUR FARM includes a truck to transport your products. Pack ‘em in, stack ‘em high and head for the supermarket, where eager shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on your cheap food!

Sell food!

Take your food to market!

Your Farm

Your products are selling fast!

Your Farm

But you'd better keep your farm doors closed – customers may not like what you’re doing.

50 billion

animals are processed in “factory-style” farms like yours every year.

But there’s a better way to get food on our plates…

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