Urgently needed: EU ban on cloning

Please tell the UK government – farm animal cloning is cruel and unnecessary

Cloned calf

This calf died at 6 weeks old. Her immune system had not developed properly, a common problem with clones.

Cloning is a real risk to farm animal welfare. It causes suffering of the cloned animals themselves, and of the surrogate mothers used to carry them to birth.

It has been established that the European public dislikes this farming ‘technology’. The European Commission has issued proposals that would provisionally ban the cloning of farm animals and the sale of clones, as well as the sale of meat and milk from these animals.

However, the UK government is actively opposing even these modest proposals. We are shocked by this behaviour. We believe the Commission’s proposals need to be supported by all European Governments and should also include a ban on the use of the offspring of clones, and on meat and milk from these animals. Failure to do this risks perpetuating the cruelty of animal cloning.

Take action

Email or tweet George Eustice, the UK Minister for Farming and Food, and urge him to:

  • support the European Commission’s proposals for a ban on cloned animals and on the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals;
  • lobby our EU partners for stronger measures which would ban the offspring of clones.

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