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Live exports: We took over the White Cliffs of Dover. Lend your voice too.

On Thursday November 6th 2013, Compassion campaigners lit up the White Cliffs of Dover with a projection calling for an end to live exports. Towering directly over the entrance to the Port of Dover, our message could not be ignored: this trade must stop.

The animals facing live export can’t speak for themselves – so we’re speaking up for them. Lend them your voice too. Send a message to the new minister for farming, George Eustice today. He has the power to stop live exports. But, will he use his new power to act? Help us make sure he does.

Excuses, excuses

David Heath, the previous Agriculture Minister, didn’t lift a finger to stop the suffering of animals being exported. He was full of excuses; he said it was against EU law to make the legislative amendments that Compassion supporters called for. But he’s wrong.

By making amendments to a piece of UK legislation from the 1800’s the Government can give ports like Dover the legal right to refuse a trade in live animals for slaughter. It’s not an outright ban on live exports, so it’s not against EU free trade laws. But it could mean thousands of animals each year don’t have to suffer long, needless journeys by road and sea.

George Eustice has just been appointed as the UK minister for farming. Right now, he’ll be deciding what to do with his new powers. Make sure he doesn’t forget about live exports.

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What is the 1847 Act?

The Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act (1847) states that all ports must allow the free trade of ‘goods’, including farm animals.

So, by law British public ports must allow lorries full of animals to pass through, even if the port authority doesn’t agree with the trade. This law is over 160 years old. It’s high time it is amended.

Welcome to Dover

Take action

Write to the new minister for farming, George Eustice, and make sure he uses his new powers to stop live exports.

Please add your personal thoughts about why you want the live export trade to end. The more personal thoughts and stories Mr Eustice receives, the better! Please also keep it polite.


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