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Millions of animals are transported every year from the EU to destinations including the Middle East, Turkey, Russia and North Africa. Journeys might last hundreds of hours and can even result in the death of the animals involved before they reach their destination. Please act now to stop this trade.

Compassion in World Farming’s Investigations Unit, and European NGOs Eyes on Animals and Animal Welfare Foundation have trailed animals travelling from the EU to Turkey.

The footage taken during recent investigations is truly shocking: Delays at the border crossing between the EU and Turkey, and overcrowding, led to hunger, dehydration, injury and even death.

Every year, around 700,000 sheep and cattle are exported from the EU to Turkey. Hundreds of thousands are destined for countries in the Middle East, Russia and North Africa. View map in more detail (pdf).
In one incident, investigators witnessed a truck full of bulls which set off from Latvia being delayed at the Turkish border for 6 days. The truck had already travelled for 2600km (1625 miles).
When the bulls were eventually cleared to enter Turkey, they still had another 2000km (1250 miles) to go ... to Iraq!
Upon arrival, they will often face slaughter in conditions that do not comply with EU law.
These horrifically long journeys must be stopped once and for all, and replaced by a trade in frozen or refrigerated meat.

The Commission must act

Compassion in World Farming has compiled a briefing document and film on the live exports trade and will be sending a copy to Commissioner Tonio Borg. Now we need to make sure he reads it and acts upon it.

Please act now by emailing Commissioner Borg to call for a permanent end to live exports from the EU to non-EU countries. A link to our briefing document and the investigation film will be included in the email you send.

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