Dairy Farming: The Sour Truth

Europe’s dairy sector enjoys a wholesome image, but a new undercover investigation by Compassion in World Farming shows that many of Europe’s 23 million dairy cows are kept in appalling conditions.

1. Help us tell the world

Intensive dairy farming is becoming more common, and this trend will continue unless we can spread what we have found far and wide. Sadly, we know that many people have no idea what goes on inside these cow sheds. To try to get the message out we have made a special film, designed to be easy to share with your friends and family.

Please watch our short film and share it as widely as you can.

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2. Take Action

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Please use the form below to send this email to the European Commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis. We are calling for much needed legislation to guarantee minimum welfare standards for Europe’s dairy cows.

Your email will ask Commissioner Andriukaitis to view the full investigation video showing the reality of EU dairy farming. You can watch this film and read more about the investigation here.

Our investigation found appalling cruelty

During the summer of 2012, Compassion’s investigation team visited over 50 farms in Germany, Denmark and Spain. Our investigation focused on three of Europe’s key dairy producing countries, but we believe these dreadful conditions are likely to be more widespread.

When cows should have been grazing in fields, our investigation revealed animals kept in cramped and squalid conditions. Many cows were tethered all year round and never felt the sun on their backs. Many more were found to be suffering from exhaustion, painful lameness, sores and mastitis.