Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

Send a message to Greek egg producers

Life in a barren battery cage is a very miserable existence.

Banned in the EU since 1st January 2012, these tiny cages restrict a hen’s movement to the extent that she cannot even spread her wings.

A shipment of farm animals leaving Ramsgate

Appallingly, millions of hens across Europe still remain in these illegal cage systems.

One nation that has a real problem with the barren battery cage is Greece. Mired in a financial crisis and experiencing regular changes of government, little pressure has been exerted on Greek egg producers to comply with the ban. The result is millions of Greek hens are leading restricted and miserable lives.

Our European Affairs Manager who works in Greece has prepared a message to egg farmers there that we know are not compliant with the ban. They need to hear that keeping hens in cruel and illegal systems is inexcusable and needs resolving immediately.

Please join with us now in urging them to take action on behalf of the hens.

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